CTI Power Welding Capabilities
CTI Power is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to welding technology and processes. Operating under sound shop floor supervision, our highly skilled welders are experts at GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and SMAW processes, and welding on materials ranging from carbon & stainless steel to Inconel and other specialty alloys. In addition to manual welding processes, CTI Power has submerged arc welding, automatic GTAW, automatic GMAW, laser welding, and hybrid laser welding capabilities.

In addition to advanced welding techniques, CTI Power now has an in house weld inspection and metallography lab which includes tensile testing, bend testing, macro/micro hardness, polishing & etching, and weld micro-structure evaluation capabilities.

Equipment Overview

  • Manual GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, & FCAW
  • (3) Submerged Arc Welding Machines
  • Custom Hybrid Laser Arc Welder
  • (2) Auto Tig Welders

Hybrid Laser Arc Welding

Submerged Arc Welding

Manual Welding Processes

Automatic GTAW

Custom Fixturing

Weld Lab Testing

CTI Power Bending Capabilities
CTI Power’s extensive bending capabilities range from radial and compression bending, to hairpin hot bending, 1D cold bending, Inconel overlay bending, waterwall panel gang bending, and more…

Our equipment is specially designed for bending boiler tubes with empty bend tooling allowing for greater wall thicknesses and tighter dimensional tolerances.

Equipment Overview

  • (11) Radial Benders – 1″ to 8″ cap
  • (3) Roll Benders
  • (2) Press Benders
  • (2) Hot Bending Machines
  • (1) CNC Bender

Gang Bending

Hot Bending

Inconel Overlay

CTI Power Heat Treating Capabilities
At CTI Power we have in house Stress Reliving and Solution Annealing Capabilities. By having these in house we eliminate transportation costs, have full control of our scheduling and assure our quality conformance with continual oversight by our QC department. Our Stress Relief and Sol Anneal Capabilities include a “Fixed Oven” that is 51’ Long x 11” Wide x 9’ Tall. It has two 5 mil BTU Gas Burners.

We also have our “Temp.” Oven that is adaptable in size and easily configured for heating portions of or entire assemblies. It can be fired with our 5 or 10 m BTU Burners and Portable Gas Trane. In addition we have Ceramic Resistive Pads and Stress Consoles for Weld Stress Relief. These are used for Heating Large Headers, Headers on Modules and Small Bottle Headers or on individual welds on tubes. In some cases we can use our Induction Heater to Stress Relieving.

Equipment Overview

  • “Fixed Oven” – 51’ x 11′ x 9’ – Useds Two 5 mil BTU Gas Burners
  • “Temp” Oven easily configurable – uses 5 or 10 m BTU Burners
  • Ceramic Resistive Pads / Stress Consoles – Weld Stress Relief
  • Induction Heater used for stress relieving

Fixed Oven

Weld Stress Relief

Solution Annealing

CTI Power NDT Examination Capabilities
CTI Power holds ASME “S”, “U” and NBIC “R” stamps with ASNT level III and AWS CWI inspectors on staff.

Our Quality system incorporates an inspection process that includes corrective and preventive action plans, statistical analysis and ongoing training to improve shop labor skills and in-process quality.We use the analysis and preventive actions to drive continuous improvement throughout the company.

We perform a triple inspection of all fixtures prior to start of production and utilize full size templates for first article verification and subsequent in-process checks.

All of the quality reports generated on a project are made available to our customers in digital format.

The Quality Department conducts Process Qualifications as well as Internal Audits to verify compliance. All suppliers undergo a comprehensive qualitative process to ensure their products meet our quality standards. Consistent high quality is our top priority.

CTI Power Quality At a Glance

  • ASME Section I & IX w/ extensive quality manual
  • In House VT, PT, MT, UT, & RT
  • X-Ray results posted to the cloud
  • Custom tailored QC documentation
  • Statistical RT weld analysis
  • Triple inspection of layout & fixtures
  • Inspection & test plan
  • Internal and vendor audits
  • NCR program for corrective/preventative actions

High Efficiency

Autotig welding before bending allows us to perform X-rays on multiple tubes at once reducing costs considerably

Digital X-Ray

CTI-Power has digital x-ray capabilities which provides high resolution and low per image cost

In-House Methods

CTI Power performs visual, hydrostatic, die penetrant, mag particle, ultrasonic, and digital X-ray testing
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CTI Power Holds ASME S, U, and NBIC R stamps

with ASNT level III and AWS CWI inspectors on staff
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Chicago Tube and Iron (CTI), one of the largest Specialty Metal Service Centers, has announced the opening of its newest distribution facility in Locust ,NC, just 20 minutes from Charlotte.

CTI has been a leading distributor in Pipe, Tubing, Valves and Bar products for over 100 years.  They are excited to expand their superior service and experience to the Carolina’s and Southern region.

The initial inventory at CTI’s Locust distribution facility will include a full-line of  Stainless Steel products – Pipe, Tubing, Flat Bar, Angle, and Round Bar.  With our planned growth for 2016, CTI will continue to expand the new distribution facility to include all types of metal, including  Aluminum and Carbon products.

Please contact our distribution team to help with all of your current and future needs.

Call today!  815-836-2929

New for 2016!

We are proud to announce the Launch of our new White Metals Distribution Division to the Charlotte Area!

Stainless Steel Products

Over 200 line items of stainless steel tubing, pipe, and bar in various grades, sizes, and forms.

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Over 200 line items of stainless steel tubing, pipe, and bar in various grades, sizes, and forms.
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We are currently stocking over 200 line items of:

Stainless tube, pipe, angle, & bar in various grades and sizes
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CTI Power Engineering Capabilities
CTI-Power has a wide array of engineering capabilities.  Utilizing 3D computer aided design and drafting software, CTI can design any boiler or fabricated part desired.

CTI uses in-house code calculation software to verify all products meet ASME standards.  We have the ability to redesign, replace in-kind, or reverse engineer any boiler assembly.

If drawings are limited, we can reverse engineer the components and recreate drawings to fabricate from.  CTI also does performance evaluations, field construction consultation, and installation aid.  CTI employs seven engineers, including a weld engineer on-site at our Locust, NC division.

Field Engineering

3D CAD Drawings

Reverse Engineering