Products Overview

Our work history includes pressure parts for all types of boilers from small industrial package units to large recovery boilers for the paper mills to super critical units for the utility market. Assembly can be achieved by using several different methods such as, samples, drawings, templates or we can provide our own drawings by reverse engineering the boiler part at the plant.

For those customers looking to modify their elements, CTI can also provide the engineering to perform the redesign. Chicago Tube and Iron has two ASME code shops (Chicago, Illinois/Oakboro, North Carolina) that carry the following ASME certificates, “PP”, “S” and “R”. Both locations have an excellent record for delivering quality pressure components such as superheaters, economizers, reheaters, panels, generating tubes, etc., on time to our customers. (We know how critical time and quality is to a boiler outage!) Your products are constructed using the latest ASME code, CTI’s quality control manual and established industry standards. Supporting services include x-ray, hydro-testing, ultrasonic testing, fixture tables, full scale layouts, computer assisted drawings, field measurements and much more!

In addition to our fabrication services, CTI also carries over two million pounds of boiler tube in various grades and lengths that are ready for immediate shipment. Our unique tube stacking system allows us to process your orders quickly and efficiently in order to meet our customers’ needs, whether for replacement stock or for an emergency outage (we offer 24 hour service). Please call or fax your inquiry to either our Chicago or Charlotte locations.

Superheaters / Reheaters

Chicago Tube and Iron’s experienced shop personnel can fabricate any type of superheater or reheater your boiler requires. In today’s deregulated market, everyone is looking for an edge that will provide longevity, along with reliability for their boiler. The most common change is a material upgrade and CTI’s skilled craftsmen are qualified to bend and weld just about any grade of material available including carbon, chrome moly, stainless and the more difficult grades like T91 and inconel overlayed tubes.

In additional to fabrication, we can assist our customers with the engineering required to make these and other types of modifications, to their products. Design is important but so is quality and CTI has an outstanding record for delivering what their customers order and on time! We meet or exceed industry/customer standards for quality by using computer generated bend sheets along with full scale layouts to check the accuracy of our bends.

From there, elements are assembled in hard fixtures to simulate boiler conditions and verify overall dimensions. Testing (based on customer requirements) can include x-ray, hydro, annealing, ball check, ultra- sonic wall readings, hardness check or visual exam. Whether you are looking for a replacement in kind or re-designed element, Chicago Tube and Iron would like to assist you with your next project.

Panel Fabrication

Panels are among the most difficult products to manufacture, which is why experience is a key factor in selecting your vendor. Our history with this product line is extensive as our customer list will show. We have manufactured panels for all types of boilers including package, large industrial (including recovery type units) and utility boilers. Types of panels include flat, side waterwall, lower couton bottoms, arch, R.O.burner panels, corner fired units, cyclone units, low NOx conversions, over fired air ports, and other openings like sootblower and observation ports.

Waterwall panels are assembled by either the submerged arc process and now available, the hybrid laser arc welding process. Both provide high quality and meets or exceeds industry standards. Studding can also be provided in a dense or super dense pattern. We are equipped to provide your panels any way you need them including gang bent and or with headers attached. At Chicago Tube and Iron we have the experience and the knowledge to supply or meet all your pressure part needs. As a buyer, you want vendors who can supply a competitively priced product on time and per specification. At Chicago Tube & Iron we offer you, our customers, all of this and more.

Other Components

  • Headers
  • Generating Banks
  • Package Boilers
  • Economizers
  • Elements
  • Loose Bent Tubes
  • Bifurcates
  • Orifice Plates, Mounts and Assemblies
  • Hand Hole Plates, Tube Shields, Tube Plugs
  • Power Piping