Quality Centric & Customer Focused

CTI Power holds ASME “S”, “U” and NBIC “R” stamps with ASNT level III and AWS CWI inspectors on staff.

Our Quality system incorporates an inspection process that includes corrective and preventive action plans, statistical analysis and ongoing training to improve shop labor skills and in-process quality.We use the analysis and preventive actions to drive continuous improvement throughout the company.

We perform a triple inspection of all fixtures prior to start of production and utilize full size templates for first article verification and subsequent in-process checks.

All of the quality reports generated on a project are made available to our customers in digital format.

The Quality Department conducts Process Qualifications as well as Internal Audits to verify compliance. All suppliers undergo a comprehensive qualitative process to ensure their products meet our quality standards. Consistent high quality is our top priority.

CTI Power Quality At a Glance

  • ASME Section I & IX w/ extensive quality manual
  • In House VT, PT, MT, UT, & RT
  • X-Ray results posted to the cloud
  • Custom tailored QC documentation
  • Statistical RT weld analysis
  • Triple inspection of layout & fixtures
  • Inspection & test plan
  • Internal and vendor audits
  • NCR program for corrective/preventative actions

High Efficiency

Autotig welding before bending allows us to perform X-rays on multiple tubes at once reducing costs considerably

Digital X-Ray

CTI-Power has digital x-ray capabilities which provides high resolution and low per image cost

In-House Methods

CTI Power performs visual, hydrostatic, die penetrant, mag particle, ultrasonic, and digital X-ray testing
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CTI Power Holds ASME S, U, and NBIC R stamps

with ASNT level III and AWS CWI inspectors on staff
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